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We are an emerging music academy providing inspiring music lessons for children and adults that nurture a skill for life. Ready to take the next step on your musical journey? Find out more about our lessons and ensembles. 


We offer quality music lessons on a range of musical instruments for both children and adults.


Musicscool are passionate about the power of singing together and run a range of choral opportunities. 


The Value of Music

Copious amounts of studies show that learning music is so good for you.  


It makes you smarter! Learning to read music and play an instrument is proven to stimulate the brain and help with memory, reasoning and co-ordination; essential skills for reading, maths, science and sport.

It builds confidence! Children and adults who start music lessons or an ensemble will usually start to play to an audience, even if it's just their family initially. 


It makes you feel good! Music is proven to lower your heart rate, reduce stress and even boost your immune system. 


Best of all - it’s great fun!

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