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Our Story
Liz Croft 
Musicscool Founder
 and Director

Musicscool is an independent music academy with BIG ideas!


Liz founded Musicscool in 2020 with the sole the aim of getting music into more people's lives. 

"I believe that all my successes in life, both personal and professional, have been down to the fact that I had music lessons as a child.  Music built my confidence, led me to some amazing places and to meet so many inspiring people."   

Liz studied music at school, the University of Birmingham and at the Royal Academy of Music.  She worked originally as a professional singer but soon learned that teaching people and leading choirs was her passion. 

"I get such a buzz when one of my students or choir members realises their potential and sees how many benefits music brings to their life."  Liz has been a music teacher for nearly 20 years and has directed award-winning choirs at a County and National Level.   


"In 2020 when the lockdown was enforced it was devastating to see how many people stopped having music lessons or singing in a choir.  I wanted to do something about it, so I started Musicscool."


The organisation started with just Liz but there is now a dedicated team of 20 musicians who share the same passion for passing on their love of music. 

"Our dream is to see schools and communities filled with people who play instruments, sing and play in ensembles and appreciate the unrivalled value that music can bring to your life." 

The Musicscool team now provides quality music tuition to hundreds of children and adults at our after school music hub based in Twyford, and at a number of schools in the area.


"We aim to develop musical skills, instil confidence and nurture a love for music that will last a lifetime."

Find out how our experienced and knowledgable teachers deliver music lessons with a difference....

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