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The choirs run for 33 weeks of the year and your first session is always free to make sure you love it!

Musicscool Voices


Cantata Conviva


*£7.80 for students having lessons with Muiscscool



  1. 33 Lessons/Ensemble Sessions will be given during term time and term dates will be specified in advance in writing. We aim to give an even number of lessons per term, however this is dictated by local authority term dates.  Lessons will be given at the time and place agreed in writing and that time slot will be reserved.

  2. An invoice for lessons will be emailed at the start of every half term.  Invoices for ensembles will be sent at the start of a term. All invoices will need to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.  If lessons start part-way through a term, fees will be charged from the commencement of lessons/ensemble membership.

  3. Missed lessons/sessions will be charged unless Musicscool considers there to be exceptional circumstances.  If a scheduled lesson/rehearsal is cancelled by Musicscool, the student/ensemble member can choose to carry the lesson forward, receive a replacement lesson (not applicable for ensembles) or receive a refund of the lesson/ensemble session fee.

  4. If you wish to discontinue lessons, a notice period of half a term (six weeks) is required in writing.  In the event that insufficient notice is given, lessons will still be charged within the notice period.

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